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Wellness Cashmere

WLNS cashmere 100 grams capsule collection, confirms the radically new concept of an extra light cashmere of superb quality both in materials and in splendid artisan workmanship 100% made in Italy. A fresh outlook on well being in which the precious cashmere fibers play the lead with a surprising touch to produce a subdued luxury that goes beyond shear seasonal concept. Just like a second skin, reversible, wearable on both sides, seamless, the pieces will effortlessly adapt to any time of day.

Tired of overexposure to images, a need of re writing, re reading and experimenting the infinite nuances of comunication is taking shape. Ancestral narration, binding old to new are becoming the philosophical bases of future design. Encounters of history and culture from the thousand territories of “elsewhere” nourish ar- chaic and authentic re visited traditions. Innovation now depends on the authenticity of blends between AOC or PDO materials and evolutionary materials, mixtures of familiar and technolo- gical know how.

The fragile and changing beauty of real people is inserted into our daily lives and is under our eyes.



In order to withdraw from the crowd as independent beings, urban tribes aggregate urban tribes aggregate and cohabit. The beauty of real people, fragile and changing, inserted in everyday normality is under our eyes. New color combinations are being used: neutral, infinite skin tones, lightened khakis, reds and ochers declined in intense shades; whites are present even in winter with a touch of inten- tional glitter as well as metallic luminescent effects with an artificial sparkle.


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